My name is Brandon Young, an person who has a highly develop world in my head, For years now i been writing a book from this world.

I also occasionally like to draw as well, although my skills are limited to basic pencil and color pencil. I am willing to learn more in practice.

Hopefully i can learn a few tips here about drawing, and get inspire by your guys drawings to continue my book.


Member of the Hudson Jaycees, i do charity work with them, as well help with the Hudson Haunted House every October. Our page Link, check us out,


Lastly, if you wanna talk and such, send me a message. I always welcome new friend's

I also have other accounts you guys can meet me at.

Gamespot- Shemrom (Sadly i haven't been using these forums as much as i once had been)

Facebook- Brandon Young,

Steam- Mizugami (Few times i can actually have time for online play sadly)

Best way to keep in touch with me is with my Fa Account.

And if you guys want to friend me on Facebook, send a friend request. I don't mind it.


Brandon Young

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A Brave New World, Completed- So what now?

on 29 January 2013 at 15:38:29 MST

I had finish editing the story, and the book is fully posted here on FA, it will be posted here soon as well I even did some writing on the second book.

But now that i no longer have that need to finish something, i am a bit freed up again. I'm thinking that the next thing i'll do is a drawing, and then back for more writing.

For my main novel, or to the second book of the Darjeets, i don't know, but there is a third thing i could do.

I suggested some months earlier thinking on if i should do free written commissions. Not too major or large, just some works different then my own to expand my skill set. I'm no professional in the arts, so that why i wanted to do them for free, to reduce problems facing on not producing results the customer wanted.

The question is though, what short of things i could write about. Character Bio's, Adventures, Science Fiction? Maybe even world building perhaps? I would like some suggestions if it please my fellow furries, so i can think up on witting my commission Journal.

Thanks again for all the inspiration guys, I might even get the second book done by the end of the year.

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