Desert Prowlers by Kajy

Desert Prowlers


20 February 2015 at 20:41:32 MST

Jesus Christ this picture took 5ever to finish. But I really like the final product, and I was capable of testing out a whole bunch of new shit, and learn a lot, mainly:

  • Never drawing with low opacity lines in SMALL resolutions ever again. Horrible horrible horrible time coloring. If you're gonna use low opacity lines you should have a high res canvas.
  • Never try to paint without a good reference, or at least without having that reference staring at you the entire process, good GOD.
  • Painting is fun! Especially if you have a really pretty picture as your main reference. I used this one!

Feat. exploresque exploresque and myself wearing Barioth Z gear and Rathian gear respectively. I swear to god, I love that Rathian Gunner set.

Download for higher res.

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    ddDUDe this is seriously cool holy sHIt. the texture on your rathian armor is so clean lookin gg and there's a good sense of depth here, it feels believable

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    yr lines n figures are killin it on this

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    The BG painting turned out wonderfully, and the shading on the figures really places them in the scene! <3