Commission Info Sheet (OPEN) by Kaizee

Commission Info Sheet (OPEN)


7 December 2014 at 07:25:56 MST

Haha... another updated version? Guess who can't decide on proper prices //hides

If you're interested in commissioning me just note me or comment. You can also write me an email to

I accept payment via PayPal or via dA with points. But please note my art status for more information on that! (If my point commissions are closed please don't pay with points). Please also note that the prices may vary depending on how complex (for example) the characters are.
After you noted me about your commission details you will receive the payment details from me. Please don't pay before I tell you to. Thanks.
If you are sending your payment through PayPal don't forget to include a note with your username!

In case you should cancel your commission for whatever reason before I started working on it you will get a full refund.
If I already started though you will only get back half of your money.

The commissioned picture belongs to the commissioner. The characters that are displayed in the picture belong to their rightfull owners. The art belongs to the artist (me).
The image is for personal use only. That means you can use it anywhere (for example as icon) if you give proper credit back to me. (That means linking back to my profile or the deviation posted by me). You can also post it on your own profile but you have to link back to me!
You are not allowed to reproduce the image for profit!

If you want to commission me in a style (for example sketches/linearts or flat colours) that isn't included on the price list just note me about it and we can negotiate a price.
Please include plenty of references for your characters and be specific about what you want to commission.
All art displayed in the list belongs to me. The characters belong to their rightful owners.
Please do not use in any way shape or form! Thank you~

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    Ah, I hope that your commissions are still open after I have my new laptop (and apartment OTL)
    Do you expect that you'll have them open in a month or so? I really want to support your work :)

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      Of course.
      I plan to have my commissions open almost always so you don't need to worry.
      They'll be definatly open in a month too~
      And I'm glad that you want to support me <33

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        You had me at that Operator portrait. The paint work was beautiful and entirely expressive, even as digital, which takes both a measure of skill and a good eye. Plus proxies are awesome.

        Admittedly, I may be biased.

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          Haha yeeh <3
          I need to finish that one still ; u ;
          Thank you <3 and yess proxies are the best