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Nega's Item Sale! [CLOSED] by KaitoFletcher

Nega's Item Sale! [CLOSED]


WOW WOW WOW! Thank you guys so much! I filled up in less than a day <3<3 You guys are so amazing, I can't wait to do all these~!

Alright! It's time for my final sale of the summer! I'm quickly reaching rent goal so thank you guys so very much for the help with that! After this month, I'll be closing up commissions and focusing solely on getting old stuff done before school starts back up. Things will probably bleed over into that time, but I won't be taking on much of anything else outside of the odd in stream sketches, so my art time will still be devoted to older things <3

As per this sale, let's see what we've got to work with!

Nega's cleaning out his shop, things are on clearance and EVERYTHING MUST GO, so to speak. They look rather mundane, though, knowing our good friend, Nega, they're anything but.

"Base" Items are the species chooser, there is only one of each base item, so it's first come first serve. This will choose the species that you will turn into, and they're rather enigmatic, if I do say so myself~

"Accessories" are your modifiers, each person may choose up to two modifiers, and these are unlimited, so everyone can get what they want of these. Accessories are a lot less cryptic in their meaning ;) And, of course, some are a bit more adulterated than others.

This is a PWYW style sale, Nega will take whatever you offer, as long as it's above $25. The more you pay, the more you might enjoy the items you're purchasing. :)c

To grab a slot, simply comment below with ONE BASE ITEM (That hasn't been taken yet), AND UP TO TWO ACCESSORIES.
After that, I'll send you a note for payment stuff.

Here's brief a run down of the items:


A. It's a leaf! From a tree! That's where leaves come from, you clever boy.

B. The hose right out from my garden. You'd better take good care of it.

C. Needs more.

D. It's a lemon, a little yellow fruit that grows on a tree.

E. A temporary Tattoo! What a charming little symbol it has~

F. I believe they call these stoned fire. Flame rock? Blaze bolder? I can't remember.

G. Boots! So fashion forward!


  1. A pretty pink bra. Ah, what a shame, it looks like it's too big for you.

  2. Rubber gloves! I used them to unclog the sink drain... but... I'm sure they're clean enough.

  3. A random potion that I found in a box under the stairs. I can't read the language on it though.

  4. A bucket of lard! Don't look at me like that, every one has a bucket of lard in safe keeping somewhere. You never know when you'll need it!

  5. Buttons for when you need to button things.


  7. A hot dog! Did you bring your buns? ;)

  8. An egg, but I dropped it already. :[ Sorry.

  9. Honey, honey! Please don't spill it in the shop!

  10. It's a pump! Not sure if it uses air or water though.

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    Ah what the hell, I just got paid so lets do this.
    One temporary tatoo with modifiers 3 and 9.
    Bill me for $100

    • Link

      Sent! The Tattoo is yours~

      • Link

        Awesome, monies sent, fluff-butt fancypants as the vict... erm purchaser of Nega's wares ^v^

        • Link

          He's gonna love his purchase, that's the Nega guarantee!

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            Is "he" referring to Dark or Nega in this context? Because I'm pretty sure it'll work for both XD

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    If we pay less, does Nega get to enjoy them more, and we don't? Because I'm reading that as a challenge. :)

    How's about I choose the water hose, coupled with the bucket of lard. I'm hopeful for a spot of seal blubber. We have to put our offers in advance?

    • Link

      If the hose is already bagged, then I'll take the boots instead (could be sealskin ones!), and have the bucket of lard and (hopefully water) pump as modifiers.

      • Link

        Ah wait; looking at them, those are croc-skin boots. Or dragon skin, knowing Nega. :)

        • Link

          So which have you decided on?

          • Link

            Hose and lard. Feeling a bit leery of what that pump might do, don't want to end up pooltoyed by mistake. :)

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    I think I'll take the leaf and the honey. Never bought anything from Nega before...

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    I think I'm interested in the Firestone, with the hotdog and the gloves.

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    Put me down for $40, I'll take the Boots, Sausage, and Egg~
    Using a long-haired version of my normal sona, I guess! ^v^

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    Heya! Heh, typically I'd send commissioner a note, but it seems like this is the place to claim items before others, so here goes...

    I would like to pick up the lemon with a side of honey!

    I don't believe I've commission ya before, here's my ref:
    please let me know if you are interested in this commission. I'll be sending $50 towards this

    Thank you! I'll be looking forward to do business with ya!