Sonic by kait



3 November 2012 at 23:00:57 MDT

So me and my 3 roomies went to Sonic yesterday for the Halloween costume contest. I walked up there in my suit and jordhan went in my red panda kigu and our other two roomies didn't wear a costume. SO ANYWAY they loved me and Jordhan's costumes so much they were like WELL YOU GUYS WIN A FREE MEAL PASS. so we were like fuck YEAH. Then they offered us all free ice cream and kept asking about my suit and were like "damn I bet that cost a lot of money to buy" and we were like "uh actually we made it" and they were like WOAH WTF REALLY HOLY SHIT. LOL and they went back in to like tell everyone and they were all talkin about it... and they came back out like HERE YOU WANT SOME CANDY???? so fuck yeah we got free candy too

Oh and we also got some corndogs cause they were like half off or some shit. My roomies found it amusing to watch me eat ice cream and a corndog with my fursuit on... which is why I have pictures LOL. It felt so freakin nice outside it was good suiting weather, thank god.

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