Enlightenment by Kairosar



29 May 2018 at 19:38:04 MDT

Oh god I'm finally done! Yesss... I probably spent 10 hours drawing this without taking a break and I forgot to eat for the day.(yeah it's bad for my body...) I literally woke up and headed straight to drawing this. I didn't even feel hunger. (I'm eating now)

Anyways, I woke up feeling bad and I only know one thing that will comfort me - drawing. This artwork is based on what I felt, so it contains a lot of symbolism (the ribbon, tansy flowers, harp, etc. Search for their meaning :D )

And to be honest, I cried in the middle of drawing this. I also listened to rock music to fuse my anger and draw this one. I had to be angry. I had to remember the memories and draw out my feelings. I was so focused that I ignored my family and the people who messaged my phone.

Someone asked me where I get my ideas from. I replied that it was from my dramatic teen life, which is the truth. I'm surrounded by drama and I often get involved with it. I wouldn't complain though. I mean, it's where I got my ideas from.

If I feel something, I should draw it out. Turn something disastrous into something meaningful.

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