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Vassal Sentai Squad - Kyoshin by Kah

Vassal Sentai Squad - Kyoshin


Tails of Kitsune Red
Wings of Tengu Blue
Sack (and Tits) of Tanuki Green
Ears of Usagi Pink
Serpent of Nue Yellow
and Hunger of Inu Black

Having reached an enlightened state of unity through their teamwork, the Vassal Sentais are capable of combining their powers to assume the titanic Kyoshin Form as a last resort in order to battle tremendous Kaiju that threaten the land. This enlightened state combines the powers of each individual Vassal and amplifies them tenfold, allowing them to command truly broken levels of spiritual power for a short duration before they scatter back into their individual Sentai forms once more.

Amazing artstuffs courtesy of Min.