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New Champion by Kadmiel

New Champion


17 March 2014 at 14:08:36 MDT

Soren tookhistimein the locker room, dressing and making sure his knee and elbow pads were tight enough to stay in place. At theend of the show, heheard Max's
musicplaying over the TV in hisroom and knew it was time to go. Thechampion and fan favorite took his time with the fans. Nearlythere,Soren heard Lizzard's music
playing and reached the top ofthe ramp just asitfinished. He waited patientlyand then cued his own music,Saliva's huntyou down.

Heappeared from the leftsideof theramp and ran down straight to the ring, giving short fan servicebefore taking his corner since hewas the underdog for this main
event. Hissong quieted down as the first verseended and theannouncer finished naming him.

The nervousrose flaun stared across the ring at Maxwith occasional glances at this new wrestler he hadn'tmet yet. He knew a bitabouthow Maxfought but heknew
nothing aboutLizzzard. The three men stared each other down for a momentafter the bell rang then came away from the cornersand all locked up in the middle of the

Lizzzard was the first to break with a kick at Soren's knee, making it buckle and dropping on it. Hethen threw a punch at Max who anticipated being attacked as hewas
the titleholder and blocked it. Soren recovered from thekneeblow and elbowed Lizzzard in the stomach, allowing Max to go bellyto bellyand suplex him. On the
offensive, Soren wasted no timein landing kicks on Max'storso butwas blindsided byLizzzard who recovered quickly, getting thrown into the ropesthen clotheslined on
the rebound.

With Soren down, Lizzzard reached down to grab Max's hair and pulled him to his knees. He dropped an elbow on Max'sback, putting thecat on hiskneesbeforepulling
him back up. In a burstofannoyance,Max stood up and knocked Lizzzard's armsaside byswinging hisown and punched him, forcing him into thecorner wherehe
alternated between punchesto theface and kneesto the stomach.

Soren gotup after shaking his daze offand ran at Max's back. Lizzzard saw him coming and forced his way out of the corner, putting Max in it then rolled out of theway.
Soren leapt on Maxand monkey flipped him across thering butdidn't hear the sound ofhim hitting thecanvas. Heturned his head to lookwhilegetting up and saw that
Maxhad inadvertently body slammed him.

The crowd got excited as thematch heated up and Soren wentto drag Maxawayfrom Lizzzard. Soren dropped Max's legsand hurried back to Lizzzard who was getting
up. Trying to keep his momentum going, hewhipped Lizzzard into theropes and went to drop kick him but hehad managed to hold on to theropes,leaving Soren to
crash down on the canvas. Lizzzard tookthe opportunityto corner Soren and wear him down with alternating blows to his head and stomach.

Across the ring, Maxwas getting up, his fur bristling in annoyance and charged across the ring, slamming thereptilian into Soren. Soren sank to the ground asMax
started to own the zone. Hepulled Lizzzard's head back and slammed itinto theturnbucklepad, then did it again before turning him around and whipping him into thefar
corner. Max's bootscould be heard ashe thundered across thering,slamming hisbody into Lizzzard. Then he pulled him from the corner and lifted him up to lockin the
torture rack but Lizzzard slipped free and shoved him into the ropes, bending down then flipping the feline skyward as herebounded.

Hedropped to his knees and went to pin Maxbut Soren was getting to hisfeet and arced around thering,coming up behind Lizzzard to moonsaultpress them both as
Maxkicked out just on the second count. Soren got up and ran to the corner on hisright,going to the top rope to waitfor them to getup. Lizzzard was thefirstto his
kneesbut both men stood up around the same time.

Soren leapt from the top ropeand hooked hislegsaround Lizzzard, leaning backthen flipping him in the direction hehad faced on thetoo rope. With his hurricanrana
based RoseLine done, he got up to attend to MaxasLizzzard slid out under the bottom ropeto impact the floor.

It didn'ttake Soren long to find Max,butnotin the wayhe wanted. Hefelt Max's armswrapping around his torso and barely looked down before he wasyanked offhis
feet, getting slammed hard into the canvas. Max didn't release after thefirstsuplex,he performed it two moretimes, bridging himself on the last one. Thereferee ran over
and started to pound the mat, Soren kicking his feet rapidly, and barelymanaged to avoid a count out byinadvertently falling on hisside, getting both shoulders offthe
matjust long enough. The refereeforced Max to break thehold and he pounded the matin frustration.

Getting up,he took his frustration out on Soren who was trying to recover. Ifnot for Lizzzard choosing to intervene with a blow to Max's head, it may havebeen lights out
for the underdog. Lizzzard threw Maxdown on to thecanvas then bentdown and lifted him up on to his shoulders, power bombing him in the center of thering. That took
all the wind out ofMax'ssails and Lizzzard followed up with a pin, hooking his leg tightly. Thereferee counted to threeand Maxkicked out milliseconds after.

Lizzzard letMax go and satback, taking a breather as Soren wasstill down. Meanwhile thereferee was trying to get Maxto leave the ring,who wasgiving him an earful.
FinallyMax climbed through the ropes and scowled at Lizzzard and Soren, the air seemed to shimmer with the rage coming offhim.

Lizzzard went to end it by powerbombing Soren as well, but the sneaky rose flaun started to pound his head and was dropped on hisback. Ignoring thepain in his back,
he reached up and grabbed Lizzzard's shirtrolling him into a ball pin,his face pressed against the seat ofLizzzard's pantswith his bulge pressing into the reptilian's face.
Lizzzard was putting up agood struggle, forcing Soren to do all he could to keep the pin in place. Heheard the refereepounding the mat and growled as he felt his grip
slipping. He barely manages to hang on until the three count,getting bucked offafterwords and landing on thereferee, putting the striped shirt foxon a tour of thestars.

Soren gotoff him and stood up,hearing the bell ring and thecrowd going wild. Hebarelyheard the ringside announcers yelling into their headsets. Stunned that he
actuallycameouton top,he got up and walked towards the ropeswhere something with leather and cold metal wasputin his right hand.

Realization dawned on him that hehad won the title and he raised both arms up and roared "yeaaah!" Though his voicewas lostto the roar ofthe crowd as confetti
began to rain on thering. He felt something slip between his legs and lift him up.

Thinking Lizzzard was going to royallythrash him, heshouted "waitwaitwait!" But then saw his former opponent was holding him on his shoulders and hegrinned,
holding the title up oncemore with another victorious shout.

As Lizzzard walked him around the ring,he caught Max giving him a scary scowl from theside of thering,the cat's tail swishing from side to side in sharp movements.

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