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Rose plant by Kadmiel

Rose plant


Sento had asked Soren ifhe would have a match with him and the floral canid agreed without hesitation. Both Soren and Sento fight hard,seemingly as ifthey really aretrying to destroy each other
in the ring.

Sento got the upper hand earlyin thematch butdidn't getto hold on to it for verylong. Soren fought back hard and managed to temporarily take the reinsfrom thecrimson haired wolf. For almost a
minute,Soren had Sento backed into a corner,chipping away at him with punches to his head and kicks to the torso until the referee separated them. Continuing his assault,he slung Sento into the
ropesand attempted to clotheslinethe wolf,butSento managed to counter with a clothesline from hell and tookbackcontrol.

Immediatelyhe grabbed the stunned Soren byhishair and lifted him up until he could grab his waistand suplexed him threetimes in a row then went to pose for the crowd. Returning to Soren
several seconds later,he saw the maleon hiskneestrying to getto his feet and delivered a knee to hisface. Sento went to pin him but Soren was able to kick out just before the second count.

Sento against lifted him by his hair but Soren gotoff an elbow jab to his stomach and tookadvantage of Sento's surprise to punch him in thehead a few times then run him into the ropes again.
Having learned his lesson last time,he held up a boot and the wolfran rightinto it,landing hard on his back. Sento satup and held his head swaying ashe saw stars. Soren pushed him backover
and walked around to hisfeet wherehe broughtSento's legsup on his shoulders then lifted him up and turned towards thecenter ofthe ring. He had a face full ofwolf package that neither would
complain about.

Thinking theropeswerefar enough outside of Sento's reach,he suddenlypower bombed him right thereand hooked his legsover Sento's shoulders, leaning forward to add weighton his shoulders
and pin him. Sento could beseen reaching frantically for the ropes and trying to get his shoulders up but to no avail. The Referee slid from a run to the ground and slapped thecanvas threetimes
one second apart and the bell rang.

Soren released Sento from thepin then helped him out ofthe ring then back to the locker room, thelastthing the camera sees is Soren smirking as he closes thedoor.

The picturewas drawn by

Sento Silvermoon belongsto

Soren Sylvar belongs to me

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