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Green Sanctuary by Kacey

Green Sanctuary


A commission for redpandacase of her redpanda/iguana hybrid Chloratolera, tending to the many plants in her greenhouse. She has plant magic, which helps all varieties of plants thrive.

Done with micron pen and fluid acrylics on 11"x14" illustration board.

A speed-paint video of my process can be seen here:

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Visual / Traditional


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    I'm always in awe of your backgrounds!

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    What a lush image! Flush with all the flora. It's cozy.. I should go visit a park or a garden again.

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    Audrey II makes a cameo I see. :)

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    I adore this picture so much. It's absolutely one of my favourites from you.

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    Some have a green thumb in gardening...what can you archive with a green body? Green magic! =^^=

    Oh, and nice hiding of the little horror there. ;)

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    Such beautiful detail :)

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    Lovely work, so well done. You are a fantastic artist and I always look forward to seeing more <3

    PS: I see Audrey II in there :p

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    Do you illustrate childrens books at all? Because I just cannot get over how charming your backgrounds and settings are! Not to take away from how wonderfully you draw the characters and their interactions either, but good lord, how magical <3

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      I have illustrated a children's book once before =) But I dabble in a lot of things, artwise. Thanks very much!