Don't Step on a Crack by Jyskal

Don't Step on a Crack


6 December 2012 at 06:56:47 MST

(This was the artwork which prompted my style changeup, from this simplistically cartoony style of animals, to a much more realistic take on proportions, detail, etc. But I feel the need to post this here, as I still do like the way the background came together, for being just a trade.)

The character belongs to Deadsiilence on dA.

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    very nice again. The shading got alot better in the fur. Matches the background lovely. The only thing is the eyes. It couldve used alil shading of 'fire' due to the background. Since the white stands out alil . But all around i love the background and the character. Keep up the improvement!

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      Yep yep yep. This work is a bit older as well as the previous one, (Well, honestly it's like 2 months old, before my style changeup. v.v; ) so I'll keep the suggestion in mind for the next time I try something like this, but editing it is a bit out of the question. XD But I do really see what you mean, the white is like derrrrrrrrrp.

      Thank you very much. owo The background is like my favorite part honestly, I never do lava, and it's tons of fun. >w>

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        Lol, your very welcome

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    wooooo! awsome 8U

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      <33 Hehe, thanks hun. owo