Junkrat the Wonderlust King by JWiesner

Junkrat the Wonderlust King


8 May 2017 at 23:45:17 MDT

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Oh hi, it's been a while since the last time I did art with background, and comics, and spending +20 hours on an artwork, so. This.

Thanks to my Russian-speaking watchers for translate-checking that one part for me. This is the reason why I asked that in a past journal entry. c:

Okay, the other day I listened to the song "Wonderlust King" by Gogol Bordello on repeat like a maniac. There's something about this song's passion about freedom that makes me happy. And then this scene here slowly happened.

I realized too late that I forgot to draw Junkrat's Rip Tire, and I'm too lazy to fix that now. So let's pretend he's already used it on something before riding away with Roadhog. It would make the "ultimate" part of the lyrics have strangely more sense, too. He's gonna make a new one as soon as he sees a good truck to steal the tire from.

And Roadhog's rings on his left hand are missing because they got stuck in someone's face during a fist fight. Considering the size of Roadhog's fists, the face of that corpse is impossible to identify now. Rings are fine, though.

You come up with more excuse stories if you notice more details missing, lmao.

As always, you're free to dub my comics as long as you add the credits in your description. For example, a link to my DeviantArt account and/or Patreon. And also send me a link to your video here because I love good dubs! C: I'd actually be extremely excited to hear this song with an excellent Junkrat's voice.

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