After the Bars Close by JWB (critique requested)

After the Bars Close (critique requested)


6 February 2014 at 20:46:21 MST

Wanted to try something a bit different this week. I sorta wanted to play around with lighting and reflections in this one, and hopefully I've succeeded:3

I'd imagine this is occuring after a long night of bar hopping around the campus town. Madison always likes to go buck wild when the week ends, and he usually ends up in a cab watching the mirror ornaments spin as he heads back to his humble dorm. The cabbie isn't satisfied about driving around the party goers at the end of the night, especially having to haul such a hefty rider into the back of his cab. Ah well, at least those party shots aren't making their way to the floor!

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    The ball of string is a nice touch! :)
    I know you were going for a night time background but it looks too sloppy. Even if you put a little effort into the background, it will make it pop more, I'm saying it should be as detailed like this: but looking at pictures of night time photos will give you the right patterns to draw.

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      Thanks, bro. Yeah, I sorta attempted to get a bit abstract to try and save the background a bit from it's original composition. But you're right, I went a bit too loose with it. (Heh, sorta hard to get away with that, when you're being extremely meticulous with every other single element of the pic) I'll go ahead and try to tighten it up a bit more with a few proper references.
      Thanks, for the feedback, man:) Every bit of critique helps substantially^^