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This Might Be Tough To Explain... by JWB

This Might Be Tough To Explain...


22 January 2014 at 20:26:43 MST

Well, with a little help through the door and a lot of cramped treks through the halls, our friend has finally reached the head department. Even though he's slowly started to get used to his, heh, enhanced limbs, his fellow coworkers are still adjusting to the new look.

Ah well, like I said, the lab runs by the philosophy, that each accident leads to a new opportunity. So, I'm sure there'll be someplace that'll put his enhanced extremities to good use:3

Anyway, just a little follow up sketch to the pic I posted last night. I definitely have to say, that aftermath pics are way underrated. It's always fun to see how one would adjust to life in their new form^^