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Butt Scratch (color) by JWB (critique requested)

Butt Scratch (color) (critique requested)


21 January 2014 at 02:10:22 MST

Well, this is a colored copy of a pic I did a few years ago that I never posted. There are some parts I like, but overall, I just couldn't get it right. But, I just figured, I'd post it up, and if anyone has any suggestions, I'll change the glaring errors of this pic.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at digitally coloring with lights and shadows on Photoshop. I tried going through the whole process by referencing from an old tutorial I found on Deviant ArtX3 I might have a grasp on a couple of things, but I'm waay far away from being able to shade digitally like I can with a colored pencil.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy.