An Assortment of Stupid Sketches by Jusu-Tengu

An Assortment of Stupid Sketches


25 February 2019 at 21:38:11 MST

Just a bunch of stupid joke things I drew. Context matters so here's the info below.

  • The Arturia Microfreak Spice & Dice thing was just a logo idea based on the name itself.
  • The gîraffe thing is pronounced like "jī-raff" like "gyroscope", which inspired me to make the gîraffe a gynecologist.
  • Phern, Dolores, and Sukanku looking completely freaked out was an exaggerated expression test.
  • The Vaporeon one is self-explanatory.
  • The French thing with Griotte that says "Baisez mon cul" means "Kiss my ass".
  • And Rabbit Justin comin' for that booty is based on a little skit from a YouTube video.