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Ammy BoKo (3rd Attempt) by JustNothing4321

Ammy BoKo (3rd Attempt)


Two pieces in a week..? Like, omg.. You'd think I was drawing again or something. :B
I miss playing "Okami". I don't think I've finished that game, either. ^^;

In 2011, I attempted to draw my Fursona BoKo as Amaterasu and these were the results: 1 & 2
To be honest... I think those two looked okay. A few things were off about 'em.. But, at the time, I was so bummed about how the others (Stitch & Tigger BoKo) turned out that I didn't care to finish 'em.
I never decided to try again until a few days ago (Christmas Eve). After finishing "Tigger BoKo (3rd Attempt)", I decided to give "BoKo Ammy" another shot. Again, I am super happy with the way it turned out. (: I had SO much trouble with the pose. This is my first time drawing a non-Anthro character. I decided to use this over the Anthro form because I figured it'd better represent Amaterasu.
Anyway.. I hope you all like it. This is most likely my last piece of the year. So... Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year.

Amaterasu © Hideki Kamiya
Character & Art © Me

Sketched in: Clip Studio Paint
Lined & Colored in: Paint Tool SAI

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