Weapon sketches by Justinnator4

Weapon sketches


20 December 2015 at 16:37:35 MST

I bought a new sketchbook and made the fist page something I have fun drawing, weapons. Some may recognize iconic video game weapons, like the Master's Sword from Legend of Zelda. There is also the Buster Sword and Sepheroth's long sword from Final Fantasy 7 and Soul Edge from Soul Caliber series. The black Key Blade was made up based off of Kingdom Hearts. The bladed bow and arrow is an old original design. The blade with the curved handle sticking out in the upper left corner 3rd towards the center is from a manga called "Dragon Eye" I think. The weirdly curved sword to the right of that is called a Yahtagahn, a sword from Turkey. The scythe can detach from the pole and work like a sword.