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Experiment 1736: "Toe Floss" by Justin1029

Experiment 1736: "Toe Floss"


Justin, in his good ol protogen self, needed a good partner to help with his experiment. And who else but Talus to help with that! They're good friends, and they both know how to use micros in pretty creative ways. They met up to get the research laid out, but the one important thing they needed is, who would be the floss? Hmmm~

...cut to now, where Owun was chosen to be used for the toe floss. And let's just say that the results are turning out better than expected! Turns out, Owun's stoat body fits between their protogen paws' toes, and his fur is even effective in getting out the toejam that's stuck in between their toes. So you could almost say that they're totally enjoying themselves!

But we'll see what Owun thinks about that after he gets his fair share of a "pedicure" for these protogens~ Justin and Talus couldn't agree more!

Art by owun
Talus is cursedthread (the one on the left)
The protogen on the right is mine~
Also, this is a text version! The original without text is here: 

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