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[MACRO MARCH 2022] The Digimon's Breakfast by Justin1029

[MACRO MARCH 2022] The Digimon's Breakfast


Luckily, even as you felt the pressure of him above, it stopped, and you slowly pulled the foot back, moving it out of his way, and staring down at you, making him take a look into his cup, as if checking the contents, before shrugging his shoulders. Setting the cup down on the counter beside him, the Wargreymon's body crouched down, his hand coming towards you, and his fingers pinching you between them.

You grunted, your sore body still struggling against his grip, as he raised you up off the floor, pulling you skyward, past his crotch, beyond his chest, and then to his face, as he looked at you, his black eyes staring, if only for a moment, before that maw opened, a huge mouth, filled with fangs, that you were tossed into by a simple flick of his wrist.

Landing against his tongue, the soft, supple flesh moving over you, winding and squeezing your body, he drew out your flavor, even as you fought and pushed against the long, slimy member, trying to escape, but failing, as the digimon tossed his head back, and then, with his hand on his neck, he followed you down, as you slid into his body, a chuckle coming from his throat, as he picked up his cup of coffee, and sipped at it, while going about the rest of his morning.

The wargreymon made his breakfast, nothing fancy, and finished it with a detached air, feeling the gurgling in his stomach, and knowing what must be going on in there. Finishing it, and rinsing off the dishes, while looking out at a small world around the Giga House in which he lived, the blue and black Wargreymon sat on the chair at the table, and let loose a belch.

Yes, I know I did say Macro March ended early, but I still needed to do my obligation of posting stuff, so in the meantime, those which were already paid for are being done for. So here's one inspired by that one story by starsage that I just couldn't let the opportunity pass.

If you're wondering what I was referring to, it's this one: 

Rendered by simply-awatcher
Wargreymon is mine~

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