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[MACRO MARCH 2022] Experiment With The Protogen by Justin1029

[MACRO MARCH 2022] Experiment With The Protogen


Anyway! Look like this those unlucky humans find themselves becoming the test subject for this Protogen's newly experimentation! Oh well, nothing scary like cutting your gut open like you does with frog in your science class (Wait, is it just my school?) Oh no! That's too scary, here, the protogen didn't do much to these humans, protogen just shrunk them down a bit! A bite size... Something like that! But that's only the first step in this experiment! There's more!
(O [ ] o)

Step two-one : Tasty Taste! Let's see how human taste like when shrunk to a bite size! Easy to eat but will it tasty enough? Hmm... Good! Step two-two : Durability Test! Let's see how hard to broke them in this size! Maybe one paw is enough... And... Done! Yes, just as expected! And last! Step two-three : Boots Up Test! Let's see how comfy it will be when adding tiny human into your boots and wear it! And... Wow! Very comfy! All experiment went well! But this don't give the Protogen enough data yet! The protogen might doing this more in the future, an experiment is what you have to do as many time as you can in order to make sure the result is absolute after all!

And that's for today! I hope you enjoy this one and I'll see you again soon when the next pic is ready! Have a good day, bye-bye for now!

Art by boystomp2
Protogen is mine

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