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[MACRO MARCH 2022] Stomped by the Gryphon God by Justin1029

[MACRO MARCH 2022] Stomped by the Gryphon God


Justin: "And just for stealing one of my golden Grow Stones, I already have a suitable punishment for you two, and that you little thieves will be serving as my little personal servants and squishing toys for a long time, and you're gonna do whatever I say. Understand, bugs?"

Scamper and Reddy: "@$#?!"

Anyway, here's the story: Scamper and Reddy recently accepted a new contract from a shady wizard who wanted something from the cloudy astral plane, and that something is the golden Grow Stone, which is known to grant the user to power to grow huge and become extremely powerful in the process, and it was also extremely rare to get. The Shady Wizard was able to locate one in the cloudy astral plane dimension, but there is one big problem. The golden Grow Stone is in possession of a powerful gryphon god named Justin, whom the shady wizard try to steal from, but was met with failure after failure and barely escaping without being crushed.

So, he hired the Magenta Thieves, Scamper and Reddy, to do the bidding for him and promise the thieves a high lucrative reward if they get the job done. At first, Scamper was a little bit against it, but Reddy was pretty adamant and determined, and motivates Scamper, reminding him that they both improved after they're recent failures to which Scamper decided to give it a shot, so the shady wizard opened the portal that leads to the astral plane for the thieves to enter as they prepared to rob from a god. "Nothing can go wrong this time", which Reddy said to Scamper and he agreed.

Oh, how wrong they both are on what's going to happen to them later...
Long story short, after a long trek through the astral plane, they managed to reached the palace, sneak inside and quietly manoeuvred around, not making any sudden noise, but to their surprise, no one was around. They reached the large treasure room with huge treasure chests inside, so they looked inside; each one of them was containing various treasures, sacred artefacts and random items, until they finally the golden Grow Stone in one them. There was one slight problem and that it was a pretty heavy gem, so both Scamper and Reddy are going to have to carry it out.

So, after they found the golden Grow Stone, they slowly make their way out of the palace and made an exhausting trek back toward the portal entrance that was quite far from where they are now. Filled with confidence, Scamper was pretty excited, thinking that they might actually pulled it off and that they stole from a god, to which Reddy thought the same. However, thanks to the heavy golden Grow Stone, it forced the two thieves to some short break moments to recover some energy and little strength. It was quite exhausting, lugging something heavy across an astral plane just to get back to the portal they entered from. "This couldn't get any worse...", Scamper said, but he was wrong again.

It wasn't till both Scamper and Reddy heard huge flapping wings, followed by a huge shadow casting over the thieves, and heard a commanding voice saying, "Ah, I knew I sensed some uninvited guests in my realm!" Upon hearing that, the two thieves turned around and looked up and their faces widened with shocked; just flying over them was the gryphon god himself, Justin, and he wasn't too happy about seeing one of treasures being stolen, so the thieves try to make a desperate run for it, but unfortunately, Justin swooped down and landed on them with a stomp.

And boy, that must have hurt! Not even the clouds can save them from the crushing pain by the gryphon's huge paw. Justin mocks them for their foolish attempt to steal away one of his treasures, and he went on claiming that those who steal from him will be squashed like bugs, and Scamper and Reddy were no exception. So, much to their despair and now for their thievery, they're gonna be Justin little servants and toys for him to trample on whenever he feels like it.

And so, another defeat was set on record for the Magenta Thieves.

Art, Scamper and Reddy by foxboykonogo
Godly gryphon is me~

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