Macro Shopping [MACRO MARCH 2021] by Justin1029

Macro Shopping [MACRO MARCH 2021]


10 March 2021 at 20:54:06 MST

As a macro:
Sometimes, when you're out shopping, it's not bad. You get to hang out with friends, meet them along the way, even see them when you're looking for what you want. All is normal, even when there's micros involved. No matter what, even if they're stuck underfoot, you just don't have to mind that at all! You're there for shopping, and hanging out with your buds. Justin was looking at some clothing here, and Nick just so happen to come on by, having a chat and whatnot. Hey, maybe Nick could help out if he wanted to, but I guess it's nothing to be worried about.

As a micro:
It's pure chaos. The fact that you have to survive not getting stepped on by macros is one to have to constantly be on your mind while you're out and about. And right now, you're trying to survive not getting stepped on by a barefoot blood python, or an anthro pony's shoes. And even so, it's still chaos everywhere. The rumbling of the ground happens with each of the macros' steps, with the footsteps' sounds being different depending on who is who. Your group might have a few casualties, but being a micro is definitely not what you expected it to be like. And in this mall, it's gonna be hell to get out of...

Well, here's something that I had wanted to post already, so I figured, heck it, let's do it before internet cuts off.

Render by scalelover
Anthro snake model by petruz, with the texture edit done by scalelover
Pony Nick is of scalelover
Blood python is me~

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