He's coming... [MACRO MARCH 2021] by Justin1029

He's coming... [MACRO MARCH 2021]


7 March 2021 at 20:23:51 MST

Today wasn't gonna be quite what you expected it to be. Sometimes, it's hard enough to see what was going on when a bright blue light shined down on you. And when it started to dim, you could see it was a portal. And something is coming out.

Well, that something was the godly gryphon himself, Justin. And he's got the full outfit on! Especially those sandals. And his glowing yellow eyes are looking right at the ground below. His godly aura makes his presence known. He's got those sandals that are glowing a gold-like hue, and he's ready to stomp them down for his pleasure. Oh man.

This definitely is gonna be quite a day indeed.

Right, so while I was heading back home from the day trip to Midland, I had some thoughts in mind. One of which was this pic here featuring my godly gryphon self. Can't forget about him when it's Macro March, for sure~

Art by jerberjer
Godly gryphon is me~

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