Harry found a bug~ [MACRO MARCH 2021] by Justin1029

Harry found a bug~ [MACRO MARCH 2021]


3 March 2021 at 12:46:33 MST

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Harry lives in his house that's somehow big enough to fit his size. That is to say, if those pesky micros weren't creeping into his house because of the food he's got.

At least he has a way of dealing with them personally, given his tendency to toy with the micros in his home. And one of those bugs just so happened to be in the right position for a big stomp from this oriole~

Well, guess we're finally back at it again! Kicking off Day 3 is this fresh commission that was gladly done by Randy again, and WHOO BOY, Harry's foot is looking GREAT! :D

Art by randytheartdog
Harry is me~
(There might be an alt version in scraps, but we'll see! I'm just gonna have this here for now~)

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