Giga Mega Giant Stompin' Digimon by Justin1029

Giga Mega Giant Stompin' Digimon


2 March 2021 at 15:42:15 MST

Dismantling the military all over the planet was not easy for Vito. He had to smash the tanks with other tanks, throw flammable soils on the soldiers, buildings, and airplanes, and gather nukes before dropping them on their makers. Thanks to his great size and speed, the Mega Leomon escaped the explosive shockwaves right on cue. Those who survived, yet in immense pain, he steps on them slowly from heel to toe, putting them out of their misery.
Meanwhile, Justin used the Washington Monument to swing at random buildings, smashing debris on pedestrians, horrified or oblivious. Once he was done, he threw it at the White House as if it was a javelin. Splashing on the water with his stompers, he either drenched the Humans, or drowned them, or pushed them to nearby buildings and trees.

And here's the thumbnail image for the story! I'm sure plenty will be done sooner or later!

Art and Vito by vito_talford
Wargreymon is me~

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