Paw Lickers by Justin1029

Paw Lickers


22 February 2021 at 20:44:42 MST

Velen doesn't mind licking the paws of her friends. And Koloděj is no exception. She's pretty helpful when cleaning up, for the most part, and they both enjoy it.
But Theodous ain't so lucky when he first got stepped on by the kaiju-gryphon, and now he's about to be slurped up by another gryphon, except it's feral. Welp. :P

Here's another Patreon exclusive thing that's now going public. I'm sure things are going well as much as both of them will enjoy it. :)

Art by rai-kun
Theodous is theodous
Velen is destroy128
Koloděj, the Kaiju-gryphon is me~

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