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Paws on Glass (but for how long?) by Justin1029

Paws on Glass (but for how long?)


Sometimes, it just seems more fun to have some paws on glass for the teasing part, but what makes it even more interesting is seeing the glass start to crack under the weight of the Stellar Dragons' mighty paws. Polaris (the one on the right) and Sirius (the one on the left) figured that they'd have fun onboard Polaris's ship.

I'm sure it won't last long, given the cracks that are forming on the glass, but it's up to them to see how long they'll keep it up~

Okay, full disclosure. I don't normally post Patreon exclusive stuff like this, but figured that it's been long enough that it should go public. Here's one of them.

Art by rai-kun
Stellar Dragon Species and Sirius © SplendidScales
Polaris is me~

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