Paws On Glass (in the Club) by Justin1029

Paws On Glass (in the Club)


12 November 2020 at 21:33:15 MST

During one of the Stellar club's cruises, there is one experience that attracts plenty of groups to sign up for the waitlist: "The Paw Experience". The reason why it's so popular is because on some of the time slots, both Polaris and Sirius were available to bring the experience to the group. Transported safely in a glass capsule, the patrons can enjoy being up close to their favourite dragon's/dragons' paws all from the safety of the glass. It's built with a rare type of glass that was made to withstand the weight of the paws' weight, so no harm was done during the dragon fun.

In this case, it was a rare instance where both Stellar Dragons were together, serving their paws to the patrons. And it looks like some of the patrons are quite into Polaris's paws given how good it looked up close, even with the toe ring. Looks like they'll be in for quite a long while...~

While the description was done by me off the top of my head, the render was wonderfully done by Sirius, who is on the left. I'm on the right, and yeah, imagine being one of the patrons in that glass capsule experience...~

Stellar Dragon Species © SplendidScales
Sirius is SplendidScales
Polaris is me