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Detention (2/2) by Justin1029

Detention (2/2)


If you're still wondering where is the first part, it is here:

After what felt like hours, the session seemed to be over. After he has his fill, Magnus comes back in to pick up his shrunk students. Well, Mr. Corvin felt like he wanted to keep them, so he lied and just told Magnus that he already put them back in his class.

Well, guess where some of those survivors ended up in. Yeah, some ended up being stuck to Magnus' paws as he was walking his way back. Seems like Mr. Corvin's "detention" might be fun after all!

And here's page 2 of page 2 of a joint commission with the idea from hadu123 featuring his Magnus and my Miles Corvin! :P

Art by efhosci
Miles Corvin is of me~
Magnus is of hadu123