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Professor Corviknight's (Foot) Policy by Justin1029

Professor Corviknight's (Foot) Policy


"It's not wise to act a fool in school in general but one might think they could get away with it once they get older and deeper in the educational web. It's not uncommon for rules to melt away as you become more of an adult, but it's not always the case. The students here at Corviknight's college may not realize it at first but after a day in detention, they always come to fruition. I wonder why..."

This was one fellow teacher's thoughts in regards to Mr. Corv (as what the staff call him by usually) keeping the classes in top condition. See, he caught some students who he shrunk in detention riding on cockroaches. And because there was no way that he'd let that slip by, his feet got to do the talking.

And nobody questions him about it, because his fellow teachers knew too about the situation at hand.

Either way, I enjoy stomping on the micros with my feet. It's part of the job, and being quite a big Corviknight, I definitely have my ways of delivering punishment. At least my fellow peers get to enjoy what happens after the troublemakers' punishments. :)

This was a great animation done by hadu123 of my anthro Corviknight self! This was a great one, and it came out pretty swell! I might do a sort of reference thing again with him, but I'll see how.

Watch on here:

Anthro Corviknight is of me~
Animation and model by hadu123

Animation credits:
Classroom: Maddoktor2
Cockroach: Ayame0126
Stick figures: fbandcc

Anthro Corviknight credits:
Model made by hadu123
Base by UchihaDEMS
Head from The Models Resource
Feet from togepi1125's Falco model

Any other credits goes to their perspective owners.
Sounds from the internet
Pokemon belong to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company