anthro ant? anthro ant. by Justin1029

anthro ant? anthro ant.


7 March 2020 at 21:41:56 MST

So, I suppose that because 18118 wanted me to be an anthro ant too, I now know how to do this: implied vore...
...and a text description to go along with it!

After being transformed into an ant (or kinda became an ant, depends on how you say it), I was like, hungry. And you know, I'm so hungry, I could eat a picnic sandwich with two guys inside of it. (Well, make that one, as when I took a bite out of it, the other guy got swallowed down to the stomach.) Pretty tasty, don't you think?

...and alright, I'll explain the looks.

For me as a giant anthro ant, I'd have a human-like body with a human sized head, antennas on my forehead, big, black eyes, mandables for a mouth, five fingers on each human-like hand, two-toes on each human-like foot, and a thorax above the hindquarters.

You could say to make things look easier, "make the body a bit scrawny, and the face flat as a human one."

The whole body is light red, all of it. I have short brown hair that's partially bowl-shaped, and I wear a navy green short-sleeved shirt and brown cargo pants.

I'm pretty strong for my scrawny figure, lifting things bigger than myself, and I can feel hidden objects with my antennas.

Oh, and I'm also always barefoot, but I guess footwear's an option...?

So, because I'm usually always barefoot, I had this one time where there's a piece of gum on the bottom of my right sole with a tiny human woman stuck on it. It sort of reminds me of this, but the roles are reversed:

Art by shutupjen
Anthro ant is of me, thanks to 28118! You can check out his written info here:
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