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kaiju-gryphon Justin, still hungry for micros~ by Justin1029

kaiju-gryphon Justin, still hungry for micros~


"I think we got bad news."
"What is it?"
"It appears one of the buses in the route was broken down beyond repair."
"But, how? Surely, you can't say that an engine breakdown caused it to stall-"
"Kaiju-gryphon. Stepped on the bus with a foot, made footprints around the area, and was quite starving."

I know I kinda did have a kaiju-gryphon design in place, but I can't let anyone stop having fun with the idea! Here's the kaiju-gryphon design of Justin, as done by MarcFox. Based on the PDF I did manage to show him, he was able to work it out, and give his rendition! And for a $10 commission as a cleaned sketch, I just can't say no to seeing this crazy design become reality~

What do you think? Should this be the main look for the kaiju-gryphon design? I'm just curious what you think.

Art by MarcFox
Kaiju-gryphon design is of me