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Kaiju-gryphon Justin, being all big! by Justin1029 (critique requested)

Kaiju-gryphon Justin, being all big! (critique requested)


17 December 2019 at 21:41:21 MST

Well, after the transformation, guess this is what I look like, now that I've become a kaiju-gryphon. Time to put it to the test, shall we? And it's like the footprints made it quite a big success... :3

So, in a way that I'll have to thank AnAnonymousIndividual for a Kaiju-gryphon design, here's a sketch that was done by Soraime-The-Questionable soraime soraime during one of his sketch streams! It's a start, but soon, I'll upload a PDF explaining the design.

But at the moment, here's what it's like so far:

in a way, the primary body is the plantigrade design, mixed with the current digitgrade design

("A colossal kaiju, towering at around sixty meters in height, this creature resembles, more than anything else, a bipedal gryphon.
It is difficult to tell if he'd be considered and avian, a mammal, or both.
The humanoid frame is that of a young, toned athlete, the contours of his well-defined muscles like hills under his coat of fur.
His fur is an ashen gray, darkening to black on the chest, abdomen, groin, and lower face.
Feathers, the same coloration as his fur, adorn his shoulders, back, and head.
A vast pair of feathered avian wings protrudes from his powerful back muscles.
He has a long, slender tail, almost leonine, tipped with a black and scarlet feathered tuft.
The limbs are bare, with golden scales, fingers and toes tipped with claws like gleaming obsidian.
The soles of the four-toed, plantigrade feat are supple and leathery.
The head is like a cross between that of a hawk and a wolf, with caniform ears, and a toothy, gold and black beak.
The eyes, keen as an eagle's, are brown.
Between the legs, there is a furry, black scrotum, the penis hidden, tucked away inside unless erect.
The voice, a smooth, deep baritone.")

Modified from an RP log, here's what it's like for a transformation from my perspective:

(It is like nothing I've ever experienced before. my skin itches all over, as fur grows over my entire body, and some feathers begin to poke through. There is a painful sensation, burning and crackling, as my bones start to break and reform, a tail beginning to grow from the end of my spine, my lips hardening like a beak as my teeth grow, and my body reshapes itself. Wings erupt from my back, tearing off my shirt, and claws burst through my shoes. Frost forms on the outside of the vat and surrounding floor, from the massive chemical reaction occuring. And, I start to grow, tearing out of my clothes as I quickly approach three meters in height...)

(As I look yourself over, I look INCREDIBLE. My body is toned, perfectly, athletic physique. I have a long tail now, one I still haven't figured out how to use, and wings, which feel even stranger. My (perhaps embarrassingly) nude body is covered with a mix of fur and feathers, my hands and feet clawed. My tongue can feel that I have a beak, with a few teeth inside. And, my hearing, so much sharper with my almost caniform ears, my eyesight, incredible! Everything, sight, sense, sound, is so much more vibrant, even if I was tired from the transformation.)

(I am now colossal, almost fifty meters tall! My body, more than anything, is like that of a gryphon, with grey fur covering my toned figure; black on my belly, chest, and groin; with feathers down my back, shoulders, head, and wings. At the end of my leonine tail is a tuft of black feathers, with one brilliant scarlet one in the center. My four-toed, clawed feet are scaled, except for the soles, which have soft, leathery pawpads. Similar for my arms. My head, though I cannot see it, is like a cross between that of a hawk and a wolf, with caniform ears, and a toothy, gold and black beak. My eyes, keen as an eagles, are brown. Between my legs, I still have a furry, black scrotum, but my penis is nowhere to be seen...though I can feel it is still there, tucked inside. Whenever I speak, my voice is a deep, smooth baritone. My mighty wings are currently folded against my back like a cloak.)

(From a human's perspective, they can see my pads, almost a fleshy pink, leathery looking, on my sole; as well as the underside of my four reptilian toes. There are bits of moss and dirt stuck to it, and it smells a bit damp and musty)

I also have a cell-shaded coloured pic of the kaiju-gryphon coming up soon enough, but at the moment, this is what's of the design so far.