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Veenox 7 Form Text Reference Sheet by Justin1029

Veenox 7 Form Text Reference Sheet


If anyone is curious about the Veenox 7 form, here's a text reference sheet to help you out on how to draw the Veenox 7 form.
Also, yes, the feet are digitgrade. I have a thread of pictures to help you out here if you still don't get what the Veenox 7 alien is like:

Some extra artist notes about the drawings (yes, they're chat messages, so try to make it out from them.):

(The way that the tentacle’s postitioned, you wouldn’t see it here)
((Pretty much. I mean, if it wasn’t going to be destroyed by the intestine teeth, then the acids in a normal stomach would’ve broken it down anyway. :p))
((In order to take advantage of the fact that they need a lot of food, every single component of an item is ground up and absorbed. As such, the intestine doesn’t have an....”exit”.))
(I will, you can see I added stuff already, like rips in the sleeves. :3)
((As they get closer to the large intestine, teeth-like growths start to spawn from the walls.))
((Also allows the belly to get some exposure, since the jacket is not only smaller but higher up. :3))
Also, note how Lizzie’s form has a dress and not a jacket, and the second pair are going through the strings.
Because Jo’s wearing a jacket, there is no way in hell those tentacles will go through the jacket I moved the sleeves up to the tiny arms, and had the tentacles break through the back. c:)
((The Turkey is slowly breaking down, the flesh liquidating...followed by bones.))
((Through the cams, there are now two faces staring back. Two blobs of equal size are now in Jo’s stomach.)
((One of them takes the camera and starts to slide out of the stomach and into the small intestine. It kinda tickles.))
((The small intestine is also pink on the inside, and the cavern seems to be never ending. Every movement the blob makes causes a little groan or gurgle to break through to the outside.))
(Maybe a green-yellow/ green brown mossy color.)
(You’re trying to take a nap after having a willing snack, but she’s [Karrie’s] constantly repositioning herself.)

If you have any other questions on how to draw the Veenox 7 form, just comment.