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Veenox 7 form? Heck yeah! (VORE) by Justin1029

Veenox 7 form? Heck yeah! (VORE)


{To clarify things, this isn't my art. This is of a user that wishes to remain anonymous.}

Well, I guess it's time I showed off another thing that I have been wanting to tell for a long while.

Yes, I do think that this Veenox 7 form is amazing. And yes, My Favorite Martian is a thing still.

But hey, if you want, just tell me, and we can use this for plenty of art, right?

Also, GODDAMIT, WHY DID I EAT SO MUCH Food? Plus, this girl is just squirming in there, GEE!

When does she know-
urrp stop?