Gaming Night by 5h4d0wN3rd by JuniperSkunktaur

Gaming Night by 5h4d0wN3rd


15 August 2019 at 22:55:51 MDT

So here’s Juniper, Kaleb, and Jessebelle, 5had0wN3rd’s sona, chilling out over video games, pizza and drinks. Shadownerd is apparently on a Capri-sun bend at the moment, and of course Kaleb is knocking back the Bepis just like in his sticker pack. What you don’t see is the 4 other pizza boxes you know us taurs ate before we started playing ;) And I guess we’re playing Towerfall, which if you’ve never played is a lot of multiplayer fun...

. . .
So   kalebthedog and I are somewhat brothers-in-four-arms, what with us both being four armed taurs. I consider Kaleb a great guy, a fun person to RP with, and hopefully a good friend for the future!

Kaleb was the one who put me on to 5h4d0wn3rd, who did my telegram sticker pack! 5h4d0wN3rd was also offering chibi commissions to help raise some funds for Kaleb and 5h4d0wN3rd’s trip to DenFUR 2019, so I helped them out, and got this in return!