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Cheap Commissions by JumpingFox

Cheap Commissions


$8 Commissions
-Gets you one flat coloured character, like ANY in my gallery, they are all flat
-$3 extra per character added
-You can pick pose or ask me to wing it
-Any gender/pairing
-Lots of slots!
-Humans OK!
-NSFW is OK!
-Paypal only
-Free Streaming!

$12 Reference Sheets
-Gets you one ref. sheet in my style.
-Includes a full body front, a bust for the back(including tail), one headshot(side view) and two close ups (example; open jaw and eye close up. example; hand detail, tattoo detail ect)
-Can be SFW or NSFW
-Free Streaming! (meaning if you are with me, streaming, you will get a more intimate experience and you'll get to change tiny details as they happen.

Note: If you ask for NSFW, specify whether you want Adult or Mature. Mature is what I default to and is tasteful nudity, Adult is porns.
All my work is about 2000x2667, so I can email you (if NSFW) or post on deviant art the better quality version and proper size. I'm trying to save up for a new laptop so I can continue to art. If you buy 2 pieces, 3rd piece (single character) is free!
For Paypal, please add on fees. Or send it personal

7 for $25 Special Commissions
-You pay $25 via paypal.
-You receive 7 pieces of art.
-Time period for art submission is 2 months.

Seems simple, so here's a quick FAQ
-If you have in mind what you want, you can list all 7 poses, characters, ideas ect.
-If you do not I can wing-it (nsfw or sfw what ever you want)
-All pieces can be a mixture-- fullbodies, headshots, ect.
-You can add in secondary characters to pieces but it will be an additional $1 every time
-For Secondary fees you can either pay in advanced, or when you choose your pose.
-You can ask for the pieces to be staggered evenly over the two months, set dates for submission for me OR ask me to just post them as I complete them.
-You can ask for references as well, they will be front, and back shot and if you want tail, eye, paw details or close ups I can do that, it will all be listed as 1 piece.
-If you get multiple references, I will not charge to have them in the next piece together.

1st: I want a reference for (yadayada, character description)
2nd: I want ^ character in a cute dress
3rd: I want ^ character with (soandso)'s character (+$1)
4th: I want a reference for (yadayada, character description)
5th: I want my two ^ fornicating
6th: I want character 2 in a sexy thong
7th: I want ^ cuddling

To be included in the raffle either purchase a commission (each=one ticket) or link this submission in a journal with info about it and I will put your name in the hat.
The raffle will include 3 winners.
1st- 3 full pieces of art (3 characters max each)
2nd- 2 full pieces of art (2 characters max each)
1st - 1 full piece of art (1 character)

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