Beach Workout (Collab with Djdarkfox) by Jugg4

Beach Workout (Collab with Djdarkfox)


17 December 2016 at 10:47:36 MST

Alright, this is why I have been so excited for a long time and worked hard ^^
My dear friend Djdarkfox (on Furaffinity, aka Demi-Beast on deviantArt) asked that could we start to do a collaboration artwork and here's the results =3

I have been a huge fan of him and admired his muscular anthro artworks so much, so this has been far more than I ever expected <3

My goal was to give as sharp details, colors and shading for Demi's graphite lineart as I even can. I have learned so much more about muscle anatomy during this process <3

Technique: Photoshop + Wacom