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Welcome to my profile!
Some of you may know me as Lunarasammy or Yarnipper from Devintart.

You can call me TJ or Jubi/Luna/Yarny, I am 18, and am currently a hobby artist. I am planning on attending college next fall to further my ability.

I am average but I put pride and hard work in my pieces. I like critiques and feedback to help me improve!

My art focus has almost always been creature design. While I am a furry, I'm not active in the fandom as far as drawing anthros/furs goes, most of my characters are unrelated to it.

I am no painter, though paintings inspire me a lot. Every now and again I do do a little bit of painting but I almost never upload it. I doodle more than I make a complete piece and I prefer it that way really, though I try to make everything as finished as possible.

Lastly I like to make kid friendly material. I love cartoons, cute comics, virtual pets and toys; and I often incorporate them into my art. Not everything I draw is kid friendly, no, and may be based on something/someone else in my life, but I prefer to draw more SFW things than not.

I hope you enjoy my art work here, and thank you for visiting!

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My best friend Cher and I made a JOINT account on Furaffinity!
We'll be doing quite a bit of business together; joint commissions and YCH and such! We've already started one (Cher sketched, I lined) and I will be posting it later today! It looks DRASTICALLY different from my normal cartoon stuff, the lines are majorly different, but we hope you enjoy!

Here's a link to our account:
Right now it's just Cher's art on there, so you can check out her lovely work!
You can expect more LEWD imagery on it than any other spot of the internet I post on; and nice beefy muscle mens!

Thanks for checking us out!

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    Thank you for the watch!

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    omg you have snork on avatar <3

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      Yes!! I love the snork <3

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        moomins are the best!

        also, your art is really cute :3

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          Yess <3
          And thank you! Sorry for the very late reply!

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    Thank you so much for the follow!

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    Thank you for the watch, it is most appreciated :D