Character: Diego by Jubilations

Character: Diego


4 January 2015 at 19:06:41 MST

>> Diego Cruz <<
Species // Canine
Breed // Pitbull Terrier
Age // 28 yrs old
Height // 5'8ft – 172.7cm
Sexuality // ???
Likes // The beach, working out, eating, beef, sex, beer, videogames (all kinds), smoothies, sea creatures,
Dislikes // cigarettes, cold weather, litter, disrespect,

// ABOUT //
Lives in a nice apartment with a roommate a few miles away from the beach. Diego works as a part-time masseur and a part-time personal trainer. Got in some trouble sleeping with his clients so he works for himself and has managed to do pretty well for himself. He's got a can-do attitude and a lot of confidence. He's got some trouble remembering other's personal bubble but will correct himself when he can. Easily excited, friendly and boisterous, he can actually be pretty soothing too. Diego has a gentle, soft and comforting side that helps with his work as a masseur. Proud of himself often and very fun-loving, it's hard to bring this pup down.

// Notes //

  • He's fond of tank tops and will also wear tees. Sweaters are out of the question.
  • Likes being physical contact of any kind. Friendly, fleeting or other. Watch his tail wag.
  • Skills in mechanics
  • Great knowledge of aquatic creatures
  • Psuedo-dudebro

Will add more when I figure him out further

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