Big Babe vs King Neko by JTblcksheep

Big Babe vs King Neko


13 February 2020 at 09:59:39 MST

Babe the Big Blue Ox fought ferociously against the lion monarch King Neko. The entire city was in chaos from the two behemoths battling in the heart of downtown. For the tiny humans, it was like the apocalypse.

Then the two giants locked up in a test of strength. It was time to see who was the true King of Beasts.

"Why must you constantly torment the humans?!" Babe angrily demanded the King as they grappled.
"I have friends who are humans! And I will always stand for my friends!"

"Your FRIENDS?!" King Neko roared with indignation.

"Unlike you, I truly know humans! I have seen their treachery and barbarism firsthand. They destroyed my mother...MY LIFE! They call us monsters, you big ox, but it is actually THEY who are the true monsters! This is our world and they will destroy it! They will destroy all of us! They will destroy YOU! And you call them your 'FRIENDS'?! They care for no one! Not even each other!"

"And they certainly won't care about YOU!" King Neko snarled as Babe looked at him in shock and disbelief...

I've been meaning to go back to drawing these two again.  Especially King Neko.

I also wanted to add a little more story to King Neko.  I've drawn him often engaging in aggressive behavior towards the tinies.  But he doesn't do so out of senseless cruelty - - there actually is some reason behind his rampages against humanity.

Also, these are my two most muscular male characters so it makes sense to pit them against each other.

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