50 ft. Tribute - Lupe the Wolf by JTblcksheep

50 ft. Tribute - Lupe the Wolf


13 February 2020 at 09:56:34 MST

It had to be done: Lupe the Wolf assuming the classic 50 ft. Woman pose!

Looks like she's very big and very unhappy.

Of course, Lupe's personality means she cannot turn heel very easily (unlike a certain Avatar I did a rampage comic with last March). So I had to come up with some pretty profound excuse for Lupe to become an aggressive giantess. I finally figured out what would set her off: Pollution and War.

And also, the whole setting is a dirty and polluted industrial complex. I definitely wanted to do a little nod to the Oil Ocean from Sonic 2. And don't worry about the shells and missiles hitting Lupe. They amount to nothing more than mosquito bites for her.

-Lupe the Wolf (c) to Sega / Archie Comics-