Visual Novel Style: Oscar by Jo_TheCat

Visual Novel Style: Oscar


11 August 2014 at 18:24:20 MDT

It's a beautiful day... And a perfect day for your first date!
You feel fortunate that Oscar has taken such a liking to you since that moment in the Music Room. It's been a sweet couple of months since then and he has really opened up... and widened out.

It seems like those extra homemade lunches you treat him with are just the way into his heart and the inches onto his waistline, and he's too humble to even say no! Day by day you've noticed that his sweater vest is riding higher and higher and he cardigan is a tight wool on his sleeves and sides... . . ..

Oh! You snap out of your daydream to catch him in your vision, but no sooner are you in another trance. He hustles as quick as he can in undersized pants while a sliver of belly peeks out of the bottom of his button-up. That definitely wasn't there before!

He makes it to you, pausing to breathe and bend over from an unexpected jog. Not an easy task at his new size. His white face is flushed with a tender pink that makes his eyes stand out, as he looks up to you,

Oscar: "S-sorry I'm late! I had laundry to do and breakfast to clean up an-... is, is it ok?"

"What!? O-of course!" You try to act cool.

Oscar: His blush starts to turn deeper, "To be honest... I was trying to find an outfit that fit right. I was digging through everything I have and couldn't find anything that wasn't too small."

"I don't mind!... I mean, you can take it easy with me!" You say, perhaps a letting a little too much out from your inner thoughts.

Oscar pauses, his expression freed from the run over and his blush purely in possession of something else... He looks again with pure eyes,

Oscar: "Tell me... have I put on weight?"

  • To Be Continued...

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    Well, he's quite a cutie. :3c

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      =/////= Y-yep. Thanks!