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Lubo Chapter 22 Page 11 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 22 Page 11


16 March 2021 at 18:32:55 MDT

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I took the liberty to recoloring Tygo's slingshot to match the color scheme of his boomerang and also his surfboard. It hasn't been shown in use since chapter 18 and would have had plenty of time to have gotten a new paint job.

I'm really glad I put Elah in this chapter. In the previous chapter, there was discussion of the police wanting to get better at fighting those with powers. I wasn't entirely sure what I would be doing with that discussion when I had made that page, but I knew it was a thing I wanted them to address. So it works out that she's here now.

I haven't shown Tim's power, and base don the dialogue in panel 4, I'm sure one would infer that means his power is different from Jim's.

Wow I haven't drawn Batuu's laser ever since Chapter 10. Was interesting trying to replicate the look after so long AND using a new art program.

Batuu: That felt good. Haven't done that in a while =w=

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