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Lubo Chapter 22 Page 8 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 22 Page 8


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At last, I finally get to show off Alpha Lubo's new look for the style! I was saving it for this exact moment. I've decided to make (Lunar) Alpha forms have bluer fur than the original body and have silver eyes. I also gave the form dark circles under the eyes and are generally more beastly look to them, as the power was based on lycanthropes. Lubo is a light grey so Alpha Lubo is straight up dark blue. Volker has reddish fur, so while in Alpha form, he'd be purplish.

If you're wondering, that the left twin says in panel 4 is a reference to the fact that Alpha Lubo looks significantly different. No, they aren't breaking the fourth wall, as it's something they'd still say in character Lubo has always looked like this, as I've outright retconned how people looked before the style change.

And once again a friend of Lopu is suddenly made aware of things involving Dracmore. Lopu has kept very quiet about these things, but slowly everyone is learning about it.

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