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Fugaia - Lubo Chapter 22 Cover by JomoOval

Fugaia - Lubo Chapter 22 Cover


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Fugaia - Lubo Volume 3 Cover

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After 20 whole chapters, the baboon twins finally return! I'm sure you guys are all awaiting for this moment. At first I was going to give them matching poses with possible mirroring, but then I decided to each give them a pose that would allude to their powers.

Yes, I know I haven't even hinted them having a power until now, especially since they put up barely any fight against Lubo in Chapter 1. However, I figured that their masks having a crescent moon shape on them at the very least would lead to some readers assuming they have a Lunar Power. Anyway, those who don't read the commentary of my uploads will be in for a surprise later I guess. I haven't given away what the actual power is yet either way.

Batuu: I better make sure I help the Blunder Twins out... =w=

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