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Lubo Chapter 19 Page 11 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 19 Page 11


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Oh my goodness this took so long! Turns out when you have a bunch of cameos in place of random extras it increases the amount of time the page takes. Also due to the sheer amount of different characters and crowds, I ended up having to do everything in a different order than how I'm used to doing.

Anyway, I'm glad I decided to have Mako get a new bandanna for him to where. Should make it more obvious as to what's happening.

The first time I've shown the mayor. Great way to introduce his character, right? He's not super important to the story, at this point he's mainly a mcguffin.

Cameos debuting on this page:
Dragon crook from nadleehwolfdragoon000 on deviantART
Psyren the Bear from Munmutt on furaffinity
Charlie the Crocodile from mattmc95 on furaffinity
Bandit the Bear from kiranking007 on furaffinity
Tygom the dragon from hydrotheswampert on furaffinity
Anita the Marten fro fogzilla on deviantART
Dipper the Bear from maxgoof on furaffinity
Len the Tanuki from phantomsquared on furaffinity
Chistopher the Cat from DCleadboot on deviantART
Valadar the Leopard/Otter from Josgardo on furaffinity
Rupert the Coyote from axedog on deviantART
Beary the Bear from Beary-the-Rookie on furaffinity

Batuu: Well... this is interesting :3c

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