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Lubo Chapter 19 Page 6 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 19 Page 6


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Oh hey, there's my "Cover Character" and only 6 pages in. Usually the character that's the main focus on a chapter cover doesn't bother showing up for a while, sometimes as late as halfway into the chapter.

I actually almost forgot that most Fugaian avians can fly. I'm glad I remembered just as I was sketching this page, otherwise Shoro and Elah would just have kept running together. I guess I almost forgot because I only have 4 birds in this series so far: Olaf, Elah, Shoro and Ivo. The last of those 4 being flightless bird.

Finally got to explain the purpose of the bell. And thanks to Shoro being not only new to the police force, but ALSO new to the town, I had the perfect excuse for someone to explain the purpose of the bell organically. As one my guess from the dialogue in panel 4, the rhythm of the bell indicates the type of emergency, which is handy with the lack of an intercom system.

And now we have more of Erika displaying more of her power. This time being applied for Kuro, but with fairly different results. I'm going to have fun showing off her powers more this chapter.

Batuu: Hmm I can't wait to find out what happens :3c

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