New pals by JohnSergal

New pals


25 September 2018 at 01:35:56 MDT

After Lady Nora turned Eric Vaughan into sexy keidran, she wanted to make the situation even more fun. She teleported to him one lascivious and playful basitin, which she also turned into a female and left both of them together. Nickolai Alaric was confused, but after talking with Eric, they relate to this with humor. Nickolai looked at Eric with a hungry look and licked his lips. He came to him in a friendly way and diverted attention to Eric with cunning conversations. At this time, his hands lived their lives and stroked the feminine delights of the naive Eric. What happened next made them good friends.
Art by
Nickolai Alaric and Eric Vaughan

Create a character and the owner Nickolai Alaric with Eric Vaughan and awesome comics "Twokinds" Tom Fischbach